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Fruit Snack

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    Pineapple Roll Tropical

    There’s something so wonderfully refreshing about biting into a nice chunk of juicy pineapple. The riper, the better, and the sweet and slightly tart flavor is all about summertime and sunshine. 

    Those who love pineapple will slice it, dice it, drink it, and then some, and although the fruit isn’t quite as convenient as an orange or apple, it’s worth the extra work.

    Of course, if you can’t get or deal with an entire pineapple, you can purchase it pre-cut, frozen, or canned, and no matter how you enjoy it, the taste is always out of this world.

    Some people love to blend pineapple into their smoothies, prepare fruit salads with the inclusion of pineapple, or even char it on the grill to serve with kebabs or along with chicken or fish. There are those who go for the controversial pineapple on their pizza, and then there’s the pineapple upside-down cake which is always a crowd-pleaser come dessert time. 

    Pineapple tastes yummy mixed into yogurt or cottage cheese, diced on top of oatmeal, or served with cold cereal. Essentially, the options are endless, and the flavor never gets boring.

    Along with the tempting taste of pineapple, it’s also good for you. Here are some reasons to incorporate pineapple into your diet. The health benefits are plentiful.